Thursday, May 4, 2017

Studio Project Reflection

With my preferred artist, or sculptor, I was pushed to analyze limits we hadn't covered in our class before.  Gabo use different mediums that could be found in an upper-level 3D/sculpting class.  The running theme occurring in Gabo's post-constructivism pieces is the monochromatism of glass, metal, or wire and angular/geometric movements to create a pattern and rhythm.  With this in mind, I decided to:

  1. Change the medium of my reaction piece
  2. Use a bright, yet slightly analogous color scheme
  3. Make a piece that demonstrates the opposite of Gabo's work
The medium of my reaction piece was acrylic paint on paper.  I used four different colors all very near in the color wheel to one another.  I made one piece that demonstrated constructivism, one piece that demonstrated the opposite, utilizing organic shapes rather than geometric ones, and a conglomeration piece that mixed the two concepts together.  This was to reveal or display the flexibility in making a piece of art with the guidance of inspiration.

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