Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Annual Student Exhibition

Today I toured the Annual Student Exhibition in Loyola's Evergreen Campus Art Gallery.  While I did not ask the people working why the pieces did not have names or titles attached to them, I was intrigued by this all the same.  The Gallery had a mixture of art works which ultimately made it difficult to choose, but what caught my attention the most was a cumulative piece that included hand drawings of dogs.

The layout of the piece is what initially caught my eye; the spacing between each work was pleasing to the eye.  What then caught my attention was the apparent disconnect with the photos and the collage they were in.  While I mostly focused on the hand drawings of the dogs, I didn't understand why there were other pictures (I believe of ink) included in the collection.  Here is a picture of the collection:

The entire collection gave mixed feelings and insights which gave it even much more depth than it could bare.  The picture in the top left corner of a sketched drawing of a cat with wings is unrealistic, but the three drawings of dogs are as realistic as a hand drawing could get.  The ink paintings of an eye and what seems like scissors cutting a noose turned this somewhat happy art collection into something much more somber.  Overall, the entire collection left me wondering which is why it made such an impact on me.

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